Leadership Skills

Facilitation: Skills to Focus and Expedite Meetings

About the Workshop

Facilitated meetings are more effective and engaging for participants. Understanding the role and function of a facilitator enables you to improve the quality of your meetings when you don't have the luxury of bringing in a formal facilitator.

This one-day program utilizes a participative method for teaching and practicing project management facilitation skills. It will outline the functions of the facilitator role and address practical techniques to help project teams work together to reach performance goals and drive better project outcomes.

Participants will learn techniques for handling disruptive behaviors during meetings. They will also learn how to use of a variety of tools for team based decision making. Delivered in an interactive environment, this workshop guides participants through scenarios, practicing how to conduct facilitated meetings.

"Facilitation: Skills to Focus and Expedite Meetings" is led by certified GTG expert instructors, and includes a participant workbook and a copy of The Team Memory Jogger™

This course will address the following areas

  • The facilitator functions and roles
  • Facilitation skills and tasks
  • Planning meetings - agenda, objectives and deliverables
  • Starting meetings and laying ground rules
  • Conducting efficient meetings – maintaining focus and handling disruptive behaviors
  • Managing information, issues, and staying focused throughout the course of a meeting
  • Ensuring participation
  • Team decision-making tools (Affinity Diagram, Interrelationship Diagraph, Prioritization Matrix)
  • Closing a meeting and conducting follow-up

You will learn how to

  • Develop an agenda and a plan for a facilitated meeting
  • Conduct facilitated meetings that are more productive
  • Employ exercises and tools to help your team make consensus-based decisions more effectively and efficiently
  • Foster a high level of focused participation during meetings
  • Confidently close a meeting
  • Evaluate productivity for continual improvement with follow-up discussion and review of lessons learned

Who should attend?

  • Project managers
  • Project leaders
  • Project team members
  • Anyone who feels they could improve the efficiency/effectiveness/quality of their meetings