At the Griffin Tate Group, we describe our training as "high-impact" because our clients can put it to use immediately for tangible results. Here’s what a few of them are saying: 

Kimberly L. Fehring - Project Manager

I consider Karen Tate one of my mentors.  She probably doesn’t even realize the amount of influence she has had over my career by teaching me basic project management.  I took “Getting Started in Project Management” from her at least 10 years ago.  What she taught was incredibly practical.  She removed complicated and scary and replaced it with simple concepts that apply to projects ranging from planning a family reunion to new IT technology to new construction.  I regularly refer to the material from the first class I took, the follow-up “Essential Skills” class  and my favorite, the Project Management Memory Jogger.

Terri Banks -

Participation in the ‘Essential Skills for Managing Projects’ workshop was an outstanding opportunity for all of us. The hands-on exercises enabled interaction with other participants and helped to create an excellent learning experience.

Tammy Adkins -

Griffin Tate’s course materials are great for future reference and can be used to reinforce concepts for other IT managers. The project management techniques, specifically for charter and scope, were very useful aspects of the workshop.

Terrissa Rankin Maske -

I recently used the project charter template and process I learned at your workshop. Not only were my project and budget approved, my actions became the company standard for project approvals. Thanks for providing such wonderful tools

John Brannock -

Your class was a great refresher for me, and I also picked up some very valuable tips and tricks that I can use in the future. It was definitely worth the trip.

Andrew Goret -

The group work during the training was extremely valuable. Bouncing ideas and information off of other professionals is very helpful. This was an excellent course, and general enough to apply to many types of projects.

Tracie Wallace -

I was in your 'Getting Started with Project Management' workshop at the Nashville PMI seminar. I can easily sum-up the experience - what a wonderful class!

Lara H. Osteen -

In addition to your core course training materials, the exercises and 'real-world' project added a lot of value. This hands-on experience enabled me to better apply the new material.

Federal Goverment Employee -

I thoroughly enjoyed the Austin project management class. The skills I learned are directly applicable to my job and will help me better manage my current project. (I've already reviewed and commented on a contractor deliverable schedule and was able to use PM language to specifically pinpoint the weaknesses).

Karen Tate was an excellent instructor. She was obviously knowledgeable, well-prepared, and acutely attuned to the class and student needs. She communicated the material in easily understandable examples and was a pleasure to spend three days with.

So glad I had the opportunity to be part of this class. So glad I had the opportunity to be part of this class.